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OCS Backup

This is a cloud backup service, which runs permanently in the background, copying new and changed files up into the cloud. 
The service can simultaneously backup those same files to a locally installed backup drive for extra security. 

OCS Managed Antivirus

This is an antivirus and anti-malware service, which is largely cloud based, meaning the files are always up to date, and has the minimum impact on machine performance.

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OCS Total Disk Encryption

This is a service whereby your machine has its contents(selected folders or the entire machine) encrypted, to prevent unauthorised access.

What are Managed Services?

Managed services are a series of functions put together to remotely monitor and
maintain a computer or computer network. The aim of this is to relieve the user of the day-to-day maintenance of these machines.

The system is based on a combination of continuous system monitoring, and
cutting edge, multi-faceted Antivirus solution, both specifically designed for the
continuous coverage of hundreds of machines.

Typically, this system consists of the following base components:
Managed Antivirus

The antivirus product supplied by Originalscan, is based on the Comodo Enterprise engine. A product which significantly lessens the size and impact of more system-based products.

Remote Assistance

If necessary, support can be supplied via remote desktop connection.
This administrator has chosen to use TeamViewer” as the preferred remote system. The Administrator can take control of the machine and resolve live issues.

System Updating

Any modern system will, at some stage require patching and updating, whether it be Microsoft updates or other software patches.

Web Protection

The rise of bogus and malicious websites has ballooned in recent years and has risen to the stage that some sites are Indistinguishable from genuine ones.

Managed Wifi

Where installed, an option exists to support Managed Wi-Fi.  This is a service to monitor and maintain Private or Public Wi-Fi, based on the Unifi Ubiquiti system. This is to ensure that the service does not get abused or encounter unauthorised use.


I hope this brief description of Originalscan Managed Services has indicated the benefits of having a professional system helping to manage your machines.
When you consider the changing face of Internet Security, and the rising number of attacks and infiltrations, I hope this indicates how beneficial this service is.

Our Services are to keep you:

As safe as possible from online (and offline) threats.
Maintain your machines in optimal condition with regularly scheduled maintenance.
Protect your data from attack
Remove or disable unnecessary “features” which slow your machine.
Update your machine with the patches that matter.

Additional Extras

Mailbox filtering
Cloud Backup
Website filtering (blocks specific categories of sites, ie “gambling” or known malware sites)

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Expert support

Why use Originalscan?

Here are a few things included in all of our packages:
Over 17 years experience

Trading since 2003, OCS has been supplying reliable computer repair expertise and maintenance services to both the business community and the general public.

24/7 support

You can always get in touch with our experts no matter the time or day!


An active member involved in a number of computer repair forums and groups, Originalscan is kept abreast of the latest alerts and trends in both machines and security.

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