What are Managed services?

Managed services are a series of functions put together to remotely monitor and maintain a computer or computer network.

The aim of this is to relieve the user of the day-to-day maintenance of these machines.

The system is based on the combination of  a customised Remote System Management program, aka an installed agent, coupled with an accompanying and linked Antivirus / Anti-malware  solution, both specifically designed for the continuous monitoring of hundreds of machines.

Typically, this system consists of the following base components….


1. Security Software

1.1 A complete, fully functional and innovative antivirus program.

1.2 Antimalware

1.3 Intelligent Firewall

1.4 AntiPhishing

1.5 AntiRansomware

1.6 Data Protection

Application and Device control


2. Content Control

2.1 Real-time Traffic scans Inc. Incoming / outgoing emails

2.2 Web Access Control (Subject matter filter)

2.3 Remote desktop assistance

2.4 Managed online backup

2.5 Web protection


3. System updating.

3.1 Microsoft Patching

3.2 3rd Party patching


The usage of these is largely automated, with the administrator being immediately alerted to any anomalous behaviour.

These components are normally supplemented by additional “scripted functions”, which are numerous and far reaching.


These scripts can include…..

  1. Regular junk file removal
  2. Internet speed checking
  3. Backup confirmation
  4. Antiviral scanning confirmations
  5. Hardware reliability checks

………………………………………….and numerous other functions!

Some of these checks occur daily.

Some can be configured to occur hourly.

There is also a more involved and dedicated subset of functions to cater for servers, and other file control systems.


The online nature of this system dictates that geographical location is not a factor, and the system can be implemented and run effectively, to any location.


Typically, the following main modules are installed on the client’s machines.  These consist of ….

  1. Managed Antivirus
  2. Remote Assistance
  3. System updating
  4. Web Protection


  1. Managed Antivirus.

The antivirus product supplied by Originalscan, is based on the Webroot Enterprise engine. A cloud based system which significantly lessens the size and impact of more system based products. The engine works in the background, constantly checking unknown or “suspicious” files against a live, continually updating database. 
As such, there is no “Signature” or “update file” to constantly download and interrogate.  This reduces the machine load considerably.  The product is ALWAYS up to date.


  1. Remote Assistance.

If necessary, support can be supplied via remote desktop connection.

This administrator has chosen to use “TeamViewer” as the preferred remote system.

The Administrator can take control of the machine and resolve live issues.

TeamViewer does not come as part of the normal Managed Services system, but is supplied by this administrator as a free additional feature.


  1. System Updating.

Any modern system will, at some stage require updating, whether it be Microsoft updates or other software patches.

A common misconception is that Microsoft updates perform all these tasks.


Non-Microsoft software (such as Adobe and Java products) occasionally requires manual updating.

It is frequently acknowledged that most malware infections arise from these 3rd party sources.

Originalscan Managed Services covers the update of Microsoft and non-Microsoft software automatically, and is provided in this instance.

Windows 10 is, in effect, the last Windows release.

As such, reliance is being put into more frequent updates, which will make this coverage more critical.

Similarly, to Antivirus scans, updating is performed on a regularly scheduled basis, and can be overridden if necessary.


  1. Web Protection.

The rise of bogus and malicious websites has ballooned in recent years, and has risen to the stage that some sites are indistinguishable from genuine ones.

Also, with the rise in fundamentalist and extreme websites, efforts should be taken to identify and block them.

Originalscan Web Protection is a DNS website filtering and content system, whereby a selection of categories can be chosen and blocked.

This is a service which re-routes all internet traffic through a customised and dedicated filter. With live and updated definitions, which identify hazardous or infected sites and block them immediately. 

It is also possible to blacklist (or indeed whitelist) certain sites or genres at the customer’s request.

I.e. Block gambling sites,

block Social media sites,

Block gambling sites EXCEPT for a user specifically chosen sites.

Upon being directed to a blocked site, a warning page is shown indicating the blockage, and suggest reporting to the administrator or owner.