Sometimes, following an assessment of the machine, its age and its usage, it becomes apparent that it is no longer economically viable to perform any more work on the machine, and there is little else to do except bite the bullet and invest in another one.

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Here, a number of options present themselves :
Option 1. Purchase a new machine from a highstreet retailer
Pros : Quick turnaround getting a new machine.

Cons : Retailer not an expert, dedicated to try and sell you the most expensive kit.
Confuse you with jargon, try to sell you warranty packages, and software packages of little value.

What to do with your old data ? How to transfer email settings and reconfigure internet access ?
What do you do when it goes wrong ?
Dealing with strangers.

Built from mass produced parts, sometimes of dubious quality, built down to a price. Some parts
can be proprietary and can only be replaced from the original supplier …. at a price.

New machines often laden down with junk, ie., trials and “special offers” of little value.

The actual software is usually months, if not years out of date and represents a security risk until all
the relevant updates and Patches have been applied. This is down to you!

(OK. You can see where this is going can’t you J)

Option 2. Give me a call
Pros : You are dealing with a single source for EVERYTHING.
I will sit down with you, discuss your needs, at your pace.
Make suggestions and explain them to you in something approaching plain English
(no promises J)
Transfer your data, and set up Email, internet access and security THAT WORKS.
A machine tailored to your needs, with components sourced with recognised performance and
Offer a 12 month hardware warranty as standard, with further options available on request.
You are dealing with (no easy way of putting this!), a computer geek, who is up to speed on current IT
I’m not a Pizza tech. I’m a bonafide Limited Company, with Indemnity insurance and registered
under the Data Protection act.

I have a good reputation for honesty and customer service, not something I risk lightly.

Cons : OK. I am a little bit pricier than the highstreet, but in terms of the additional services on offer, I
suggest a no-contest.
Erm……. No others come to mind !