Originalscan is a company with a strong focus on providing computer network security and Internet security services to all our customers. We introduce top of the range Internet and network security products from various manufacturers. Our comprehensive set of Internet security services are perfect to carry on a wide range of activities safely and effectively on the Internet.

If you want to seamlessly integrate any of our network and Internet security devices, solutions or products into your existing network infrastructure to afford cost-effective and easy-to-manage Internet solutions, please Contact Us. We look forward to hear from you and are happy to discuss your requirements regarding network security products and infrastructure for your home.

One of our main focuses is content filtering solutions and advanced network security solutions such as spam firewalls, anti virus and anti spam protection, web filters, load balancers, messaging, intrusion protection, secure remote access and user privacy and access control products. All of the Internet and network security appliances we deal in are designed to cut down cost, risk and complexity by integrating automated and dynamic security capabilities for wide-range protection and optimal performance.