OCS Managed Services :
This is the premier service for Consumer and Business users.

It comprises a series of managed actions, designed to keep your machine and your data safe, online and running in optimal condition .
Prices : From £12.50 a month.

OCS Managed Backup
This is a cloud backup service, which runs permanently in the background, copying new and changed files up into the cloud.
The service can simultaneously backup those same files to a locally installed backup drive for extra security. 
Prices : From £5 a month for 100GB (across 3 machines)
500GB for £10 a month.

OCS Managed Antivirus
This is an antivirus and anti malware service, which is largely cloud based, meaning the files are always up to date, and has the minimum impact on machine performance.
Prices : From £5 a month.

OCS Total Disk Encryption
This is a service whereby your machine has its contents (selected folders or the entire machine) encrypted, to prevent unauthorised access.

The machine can only be accessed via a specific username and password during startup, otherwise your protected data is completely inaccessible
This gives added security in the case of theft.

This is a managed service, whereby the security can be monitored by OCS, to reset and refresh passwords should thew need arise.
The license also gives the user the ability to encrypt External and USB thumb drives, again to give security in the case of loss or theft.
Prices : From £10 a month.